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This glossary contains key terms and concepts related to the Mashin project. Use it as a quick reference when exploring Mashin's documentation and participating in community discussions.

If you encounter any additional terms that warrant inclusion, please feel free to share your suggestions.


An open-source infrastructure as code (IaC) engine designed to manage and provision resources across various cloud platforms, built using the Rust programming language.


A Rust library (cdylib) that connects Mashin to external APIs, services, or platforms. Providers define resources and enable users to manage infrastructure components on their respective platforms.


A Rust module that represents an individual infrastructure component, such as a virtual machine, storage bucket, or network. Resources are managed by providers and have a defined lifecycle (CRUD operations).


A Uniform Resource Name that uniquely identifies a resource within Mashin. URNs are used to reference resources and their states.


A TypeScript-based scripting language used to write Mashin configuration files. MashinScript is used to define and configure resources, as well as specify provider settings.


The state of a resource or provider represents the current configuration and status of the infrastructure component. State management in Mashin includes built-in local state storage and support for community-built state engines.


A configuration struct that defines the schema for provider or resource configuration options. These options are exposed in MashinScript, enabling users to configure providers and resources with a strongly-typed and validated schema.

Resource Lifecycle (CRUD)

The Create, Read, Update, and Delete operations that define a resource's lifecycle. These operations are implemented in the resource code to manage the infrastructure component throughout its lifecycle.


The group of developers, DevOps professionals, and enthusiasts who contribute to the Mashin project by submitting code, sharing ideas, and collaborating on improvements.