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Mashin is a thriving open-source project that seeks to empower developers and DevOps professionals by providing a robust infrastructure as code (IaC) solution. We believe that the best way to create a truly exceptional tool is by fostering an inclusive, collaborative community.

We welcome contributors from all backgrounds, regardless of experience, to help us improve and expand Mashin. Whether you're a Rust developer, a DevOps expert, or simply someone with innovative ideas and suggestions, your contributions are highly valued.

Here are some ways you can get involved with the Mashin project:

Contribute Code

If you have experience with Rust or are interested in learning the language, you can contribute to the development of Mashin's core functionality and custom providers.

By submitting your code, you can help enhance existing features, optimize performance, and even create entirely new capabilities.

To start contributing code, take a look at our GitHub repository and browse the open issues. If you find an issue that you're interested in addressing, leave a comment expressing your interest and start working on a pull request.

Share Ideas and Suggestions

We welcome any ideas and suggestions that can help us make Mashin better.

If you have a vision for a new feature or an improvement to an existing one, please share it with the community by creating an issue on our GitHub repository. We're always eager to discuss potential enhancements and collaborate on their implementation.

Offer Expertise

If you're a DevOps professional or have experience managing infrastructure, your knowledge can greatly benefit the Mashin project.

Share your insights and best practices with the community, either by contributing to the documentation or by participating in discussions on GitHub and other platforms.

Join the Community

To stay updated on the latest Mashin news and engage with the community, consider joining our community discord or following us on social media.

By connecting with fellow developers and enthusiasts, you can share your experiences, ask questions, and collaborate on exciting new developments.

Mashin's success depends on the collective efforts of our passionate community members. Together, we can create an IaC solution that's not only built by the community but also owned by it.

We encourage you to engage, contribute, and help shape the future of Mashin.