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Builders Starter's Guide

This guide is designed for developers who possess a basic understanding of Rust and are looking for a simplified approach to setting up a development environment and starting their journey with Mashin. In this guide, you'll gain a concise overview of Mashin, learn how to compile and utilize a custom provider, and embark on a brief exploration of the provider code.

GitHub template

To commence your development journey, you'll need to clone the GitHub template. This template will serve as the foundation for your custom provider.

You can also use the Github template

git clone

Investigate the code

Once you have cloned the template, take some time to familiarize yourself with the code. Understand the structure of the project and how different components interact with each other. Pay special attention to the pre-defined resource and provider examples to gain insight into how resources are defined and how providers handle them.

Refer to the Mashin SDK documentation to get a deeper understanding of the functions and traits provided by the SDK. This will help you effectively use the SDK in your custom provider implementation.